Welcome to the TRAVEL ZONE: A strategically located complete travel center. Beautiful Mediterranean-style setting equipped with full state-of-the-art services available for both Cars & Trucks. We hope you will consider being a part of the conveniences that we can offer the TRAVEL ZONE driver.


To our associates:
As an associate you are and will be the primary key to our success and in creating a "Distraction Free Environment" for our company. To attract and hold quality people, we strive to pay competitive wages, offer attractive fringe benefits by industry standards and, most of all, provide a challenging, high integrity environment with unlimited growth opportunities where rewards are based on performance.
We require high standards for our associate performance. We believe in rewarding people according to their abilities and the time and effort put forth. We want to share the profits of our company with those who help produce the profits. Associates are judged on the actual performance in meeting company objectives. There is absolutely no place in our company for poor, substandard performance, which in the long run hurts all of our associates as well as our customers.
We expect complete honesty and loyalty to the company, and we expect all associates to live by the rules and regulations of the company. Associates should always be guided by a sense of personal honor. Personal integrity is one of the most valuable assets an associate can possess. If any associate has a question about a course of action, the answer should instinctively be: Do what is ethically right and morally proper. Dishonesty cannot and will not be tolerated at any level or in any relationship with customers, suppliers, other associates, or the company.
We want positive, active thinkers because we recognize we live in a time of constant change. Therefore, we will provide an atmosphere in our company where suggestions for improvement are freely exchanged, evaluated, and acted upon. We must seize and exploit every new opportunity to get the job done in a more effective and efficient way and most importantly create a "Distraction Free Environment".
We shall maintain an "open door" policy always. If any associate thinks he or she has been treated unfairly, the associate can take his or her complaint to the next highest official...right up to the president of the company.
Collectively, we must have an intense desire to be number 1.



Please complete and submit the application via fax or in person after November 30, 2007

Riverside County Travel Zone Center, Inc.
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ARCO Travel Zone Center

Perris, California 92571
phone/fax: 714.538.5199
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